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FIO 2019
XIV Concurso Fotográfico de Naturaleza
''Las Aves Silvestres''

Ficha Imágen

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Ice kingdom


The white-throated dipper used to be winter visitor in Estonia. They arrive in autumn and leave before spring. I know few places, where I usually can find them in winter time. This time in winter, when it was very cold, I headed to that place in hope to find dipper. This river has also nice waterfall and I was hoping it might be frozen. I was lucky to find dipper. I observed bird for a few hours and saw him landing on wall of frozen waterfall. The moment was over quicky and I set myself a goal to wait there, hoping that it will happen again. And it did! I was very happy to get picture of that. In spring it came out, that this dipper found a love and they decided to stay and breed in Estonia. Their nest was hidden behind that same waterfall.


Remo Savisaar


Harjumaa, Estonia
ISO: 2000
Aperture: f/5.656854
Speed shooting: 1/320
Focal range(mm): 840mm